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     I'm writing to you this week before I head off to Rhode Island for my best friend's wedding! It's a busy couple of weeks for me, as I get married myself two weeks from tomorrow. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would be starting my own business and getting married all in the same year by the time I was 30, I probably would have laughed at you. But here we are. 

     This week I've read some really great stuff, and some really not great stuff (mostly news, which I'm trying to avoid more and more these days). But despite constant threats of a recession and businesses taking a more conservative approach to their hiring and spending heading into 2020, our market here in DFW is still strong. I met with an old colleague yesterday asking for my help to recruit since he has more jobs with his clients than he can fill, so things are still plugging along here. 

   Enough talking, more reading! I hope you'll find these goodies fulfilling this week--lots of good events and tidbits. I'm going to start doing some partner spotlights in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for additional resources relating to personal branding, headshots, and more. Happy weekend! 




What I'm Reading This Week

- Some tips for freelance creatives that debunk common myths
- How learning to code gives you an advantage as a UX Designer
- How we can
fix the racial wealth divide by reforming hiring practices
- Why
tracking time as a freelancer is important
- Why men
need to be brave in the service of women
- Some networking tips for introverts who
don't like to network
- How offering paid family leave can help retain employees




What's Happening Around Town


Fresh2Design Happy Hour: 9/20

Connect with fellow designers as they talk shop and geek out over all things design! This month's meetup is featuring free headshots by Brad Koehn, so RSVP now! 


AT&T Business Hackathon: 9/27-29

AT&T Business and Magic Leap are teaming up to completely redefine industry and commerce, and they want to invite top creative developers like you to ideate projects that haven't existed until now.




Tip of the Week

It never hurts to send a message and offer to buy coffee for someone in a role or at a company you'd like to learn more about. If you're browsing LinkedIn and find someone who you think is working your dream job, send them a message! Offer to do a 30/30 split for their time--buy them the coffee, but ask for 30 minutes of their time to share about what they're doing, and offer to share 30 minutes of your time back on a topic they might find valuable. Not sure what to offer? Ask! 




Featured Job Postings

- Employee Experience Coordinator w/ WebDev Studios (Remote) 
UX Research Manager at Zapier in Dallas, TX
- Cootbie is a local Dallas startup
looking for interns in graphic design, development, & more
Project Manager with ATN International in Little Rock, AR
- Advocare is hiring a
Director of Marketing & Communications in Plano, TX
Entry Level Software Engineer w/ Halliburton in Addison, TX




That's all for this week!

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